ClashMarket Rules


! Any activity on the ClashMarket website constitutes a careful study and acceptance of all the following rules by the user!

Registration section (all users)

1- User account information is with the store and no one else has access to it!

2- In order to improve the service, perform any function in the ClashMarket store (purchase, advertisement registration, etc.), you must register on the site.

3- Be very careful when entering your details when registering, any mistake in the specification fields you enter can be problematic. (It should be noted that identity details such as first and last name are not editable and financial settlements are deposited only in the same user name)

4- First name, last name and username must be entered correctly.

5- For financial settlement and delivery of purchases; It is necessary to enter the correct and responsive mobile number.

6- To make it easier for you to get in touch, it is better to enter your Telegram ID and WhatsApp number.

7- Note; Any mistake, whether inadvertently or intentionally, in entering the user details requires a thorough and complete check of the accuracy of the user information from ClashMarket, and all responsibilities are the responsibility of the user.

8- Note; In case of non-cooperation of the user or for any other reason that causes non-verification of the entered information, ClashMarket has the right not to provide the relevant services to the user.

9- Any activity in the ClashMarket constitutes the user’s approval of all the rules and there is no room for objection.

Ad registration section (sellers)

1- Advertising in ClashMarket has 3 plans. The price of the ad starts from free and the maximum price of the ad is 10$.

2- Return to paragraph 2 in the registration section; To register an ad, you must create a user account with the correct details on the ClashMarket website.

3- After completing the ad registration form and approval by the manager, the user ad will be published automatically on the website, Android and iPhone software, Instagram page and ClashMarket telegram channel.

4- Each ad is valid for 20 days from the time of publication and after that it automatically becomes non-existent. (Advertisers can apply for a 20-day renewal for their ad by send edit ad)

5- The ad correction is free for the first time and from the second time onwards, each correction costs $2.

6- Dear advertisers can always communicate with users and visitors through the comments section of their ad post. (Inserting an email, telegram ID, contact number or any other means of communication in the comments will not confirm the publication of the answer)

7- If the ad is sold, an SMS will be sent from the store to the user’s mobile number.

8- All money transfers and products between users are done by a reliable middleman of ClashMarket and 8% commission is received from each party.

9- After selling the ad, we will contact the seller within 24 hours. And if the seller does not respond, the transaction will be terminated. (Note: In case of termination of the transaction, the ad will be invalid and in order to be included in the sales list again, the user must register a correction for the ad)

10- After the necessary coordination to deliver the product from the seller and transfer to the buyer; The product stays with the buyer for 72 hours to test safety and health. (Deposit for sellers is 3 days after product delivery)

11- Users’ Withdraws are done through one of the Paytwit, PayPal or Skrill networks.

12- If the buyer’s product has a problem after a while, we will contact the seller on our behalf and the seller is obliged to resolve the problem within 48 hours or repay the amount and satisfy the buyer ( If this problem is caused by the seller )

13- If Gmail is locked before the product is delivered to the buyer, the seller is responsible for the problem and the store is not responsible for this.

14- The user status of all accounts is “Unidentified” at the time of creation. If you want to become a “Trust Seller”, after registering and logging in to your account, go to the my account and authentication section and follow the steps ( Certainly becoming a Trust Seller is very effective in increasing your sales )

Purchasing department (buyers)

1- The details entered in the purchase fields must be correct. (The purchased product will be delivered only with the same specifications; name and contact number. (In case of incorrect information, the store will not provide services to the user)

2- The buyer will be contacted from the store within 24 hours from the time of purchase. (Please do not contact support during this time, we will contact you as soon as the product is ready)

3- ClashMarket store services are specified; Accepting an advertisement from the seller and delivering it to the buyer (transferring the amount and product between the buyer and the seller) and given that the buyer is fully aware that the product purchased is from someone other than the store; After delivering the product to the buyer, all the obligations of the store have been fulfilled completely and in case of any problem in the product, the store will not be responsible.

4- ClashMarket sellers are divided into 2 categories, Unidentified and Trust seller.

  • Unidentified: Users who have normally registered on the site and advertised the product for sale.
  • Trust seller: Users who have authenticated after registering on the site. Sure, buying product from reliable sellers is much less risky and you can buy a more reliable product.
  • Note: ClashMarket is the only interface between buyers and sellers and there is no product from the store, so the only obligation of ClashMarket is to transfer the amount and product between the buyer and seller, and after doing so, it does not accept any responsibility.

5- If Gmail is locked after the product is delivered to the buyer, the buyer is responsible for the problem and the store is not responsible for this.